Original Gourmet™ Lollipop Fall Centerpiece

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Fall is always such a creative and fun time. People like to decorate their homes, make costumes and enjoy the excitement of the season. Here at Original Gourmet™, our Lolliologist are no different. We like to dress up the office space and of course we love to include our yummy pops in all our festive decorations. What do you think of our Fall Flavor Jar?

We think it adds some great fall color to our waiting room, don’t you agree?


If you would like to make this fun craft, here is what you need:

Step One:

Wrap the ribbon around the jar lid and secure with a dot of hot glue

Step Two:

Fill the jar with Original Gourmet Lollipops, we are using Pumpkin Latte and Root Beer Float pops because they go with our fall color scheme but you can put your favorite flavors in to keep them handy. Next, secure the lid to the top of the bottle.

Step Three:

Use wire cutters to detach flowers from stem, but leave a small amount to hot glue to the lid.

Step Four:

Hot glue each stem to the center of the lid, as you add the pieces arrange them to hide the glue.
Voilà you are done, now just find a place to display your jar!

Step Five (optional):

Add some extras decorations to dress it up, it makes a great centerpiece for your table or mantle.

Share this with your friends and let us know what you think!

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