Lolly Mystery Mix Bags

  1. 60 Count Mystery Bag Lollipops

    60 Count Mystery Bag Lollipops






    Feel like a fun game? Try our fabulous mystery bag of assorted Original & Cream Flavor Lollipops. Only offered from Original Gourmet™ and not found in any stores. Have fun guessing what wacky flavor combinations we can come up with. What is this Mystery assortment, you ask? There is no telling what flavor the lollipop is until you are actually eating it. The wrappers are marked “Mystery” and they are a total surprise! Even the colors could be completely different from our everyday lollipops. This is a special assortment for the special lollipop fan who doesn’t mind which flavor they find in the random bag because they love all our delicious Gourmet Lollipops.