Wholesale Lollipops

Wholesale lollipops by Original Gourmet™ has recently unveiled a new state of the art lollipop “candy cooker” production line made up of the latest in cutting edge technology ever seen in the candy industry. This new customized machinery is the first deposited candy line of its kind that is ready for wholesale. These “Deposited Pops” are carefully stirred to take out air bubbles in the mixture. This makes a smooth, full and bold taste as well as a crystal clear pop. We have made a substantial investment in creating fun flavors and colorful lollipops to become the #1 leader in the category for many years to come.

We have also invested time in developing and acquiring a USA patent display pole that is new and improved. These recently designed displays are versatile and can be utilized for displaying in multiple locations. The signage that is included with the display is brightly colored, exhibits great visually pleasing flavor icons that will entice the customer to purchase our gourmet lollies.

Original Gourmet™ Lollipops have received “Certificate of Excellence” ratings in national tasting competitions and were chosen over competitors in blind taste tests. They are the largest gourmet pops available (1.1 oz.), have a plastic stick that will not get soggy like other lollipops do and are available in a wide variety of flavors. The clear wrapper allows the bright attractive colors to show through and the variety of displays make it even easier to sell. They are a fast moving product and will surpass sale projections in any store they are sold in.

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