About Us

“World’s Best,” is not just an honor that has been bestowed on Original Gourmet Food Company but it’s a goal that we strive to live up to. First established as NATCO Sales & Marketing in 1998, we were a broker rep company specializing in the sales of a wide variety of baked goods. We offered tin packaged treats such as soft-baked double-chocolate chip cookies, fudge, chocolate-covered pretzels, and fudge brownies.

Wanting more creative control of the items being sold, our CEO and entrepreneur Richard Alimenti formed the Original Gourmet Food Company in 2000. At that time he introduced our Gourmet lollipops, which started as a small part of the business, but grew to be the most dominant product we make.

Working with a small factory in Medina, OH the first lollipops where hand-deposited, which allowed us to develop and customize not only the look and feel but the flavors too. A lot of time, patience, and money went into the lollipops we sell now. Over the course of the following 11 years the business grew and so did the demand for quality gourmet lollipops at an affordable price. We needed to expand the facility: four times in fact! Increasing our factory from a 9,600 sq. ft operation to a 60,000 sq. ft one with more space to make our delicious lollipops. Each pop could no longer be created by hand. Eventually, we made a sweet multiple million-dollar investment that brought in a patented lollipop machine. It sped up production and gave us the capability to keep up with more orders, which were now coming from big name stores.

As lollipops flew out the door, we worked on creating a wide variety of delicious baked goods and assorted candy for both seasonal and everyday availability.  Check out our colorful and constantly growing and evolving catalog for a full list of Cookies, Candy, wafers and snack cakes that will bring a smile to anybody’s face!