Why choose Original Gourmet Food Company?

We take pride in what we do here at OGFC. Want to know more about our company? Find out Here


How do I become a Fundraiser?

Easy! Simply fill out a Fundraiser request form located HERE


Why should I?

Our pops are perfect for fundraising! If you haven't checked out our fundraising vehicles? Click HERE to learn more. The only way to receive a discount for applicable fundraising products is by creating an account with us.


Do I get a discount for Fundraising?

Sure do! Once you have created a customer account and filled out the Fundraiser request form, your account will be tagged as a Fundraiser account and any discount for applicable items listed under "Shop Fundraiser" will reflect in your Candy Bag (shopping cart).


I can't see my Fundraising discount!

Fundraising discounts can only be viewed from your cart once applicable items are added. Make sure you're logged in to your account as well. 

If your discount still won't reveal itself, make sure you've completed all steps from the question above.

Still don't see a discount? Contact Us and we'll get back to you in a timely manner.


How do I become a Wholesaler?

Easy! Simply fill out a Wholesale request form located HERE


Do I get a discount for becoming a Wholesale Customer?

Sure do! Wholesale customers receive a 10% discount on all products listed under Shop Wholesale. To receive this discount, first apply to become a Wholesale customer (see above question on how to do that).


How do I track my order?

You can track your orders by clicking on Track an Order at the bottom of the page, or CLICK HERE.


How long does shipping take?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. You can check out our full Shipping Policy Here


Why is shipping so expensive? Is there free shipping?

Lollipops are heavy! Shipping is by weight, so the more you buy the higher the cost of shipping. 

Yes, we have free shipping on orders over $55 for any product on our website (Wholesalers have a $150 purchase minimum). Want to beat the cost of shipping? We have a lot of customers who buy in bulk so avoid shipping cost, but you make your own choice-we're not judging! You do what you gotta do to get those pops!


Is there someone who can answer my questions?

Would we ever leave you in the dark? Of course we have a wonderful staff who is able to answer your questions. Quick version: call 1-888-761-8399 or send us an email! For more info on our hours and contact methods, Click Here


I need help with Wholesale or Fundraising

We all need help sometimes! Just send an email to wholesale@ogfc.net 


Do you sell lollipops in stores?

We sure do!


Where can I find lollipop Nutrition Facts?

By Clicking HERE!


What certifies the lollipops as Kosher?

The lollipops are blessed by the Orthodox Union. For more information, call our customer service number, 1-888-761-8399.